About Us

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A private fitness studio within the upmarket Sheffield Beach/Salt Rock Suburb. Personalized fitness in small group class format (4 – 6 in  a class) with professional trainers specializing in their preferred fitness styles.

Fitness Classes

We offer short term membership contracts with no joining fees or simply pop in and pay a moderate Drop-In Rate. A variety of group classes for all fitness levels and all exercise tastes:
  • Yoga
  • Suspension Resistance Trainers (TRX)
  • Dance Groove
  • Body Conditioning with free weights, kettle bells and functional body weight movements
  • Calisthenic Mat Classes
  • In Sync Fascia Release Sessions
  • Boxing, Rebounders, Suspension Training

Personal Training

We have Personal Trainers on call if it is a ‘Design-A-Body’ you’re after. Work with you own personal trainer who will design your workout program according to your personal physical goals. Whether you wish to lose weight, trim or tone a particular area or have a particular body shape in mind to build, the right trainer, with the right program to suit your needs.

Weight Loss Nutrition

Do you have Weight Loss Resistance? If you have tried most commercial diets out there and STILL battle to lose weight, you could have a hormone issue preventing weight loss.

Professional nutritionist advice and personal eating plan to combat insulin resistance, Metabolic Syndrome, Under Active Thyroid, Stress Fat, Liver Dysfunction or Estrogen Dominance.

A Healthier, Happier You in 3 Months or Less.

Contact: 076 698 9994 | Email: dynamxgym@gmail.com